3 Important Methods For Fixing Google Penguin Issues On Your Website

When you really think of it, Google penguin updates is something that can have a huge impact depending on the situation.

People that do SEO for a living, or have websites online, have certainly felt the Google Penguin updates effect. There were some websites that were hit hard, others were not affected whatsoever. Sadly, the update was used as a weapon, giving people an easy way to take their competitors out using SEO. Responding to these events will make a difference, especially in regard to your websites. Anyone that dealt with this calmly ended up okay. So here are three important strategies and techniques you can put to work to help with the Penguin updates from Google.

When was the last time you really checked out your website’s index? It’s rare to find any website owner who has done this and it is more important than ever. The reason it matters is because of Google updates but there’s nothing trying about doing it. What’s most important, of course, is that you look for URLs that aren’t strictly needed, that might be redundant or that are actual duplicates. It’s easier to commit the SEO sin of including duplicate content on your web site than you imagine. That’s particularly true of websites that are quite aged and that have bunches of pages. It’s still really important to know as much as possible about it so don’t stop doing your research.

Anything resembling spam of any kind has a target on it from Google. One somewhat chronically fuzzy area concerns site wide links. Most of the time these are the links you’ll see in a website’s footer…or right on top of it. It’s sort of like taking the shotgun approach to visibility when it comes to links. Making these links site wide and the same is just asking for issues. So just remove them or take the site wide nature out of them. When you want to use this area for your links, you need to be sure that you are using links that are different. You also shouldn’t use the same anchor text with those links.

We do hope what you’ve learned to date around Google penguin issues, and moreover additionally the particular info regarding online business, is of assistance for you. Now please continue on a bit more to receive additional information about this subject.

Yes, you’ve probably heard about this topic more times than you care to remember but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth bringing up again. It is vital that you make sure that your advertising and marketing efforts are actually relevant. You can earn lots of points with everyone when you get this right. The main group you should be always concerned about is your audience. You can really gain favor with your niche when you create content that is scannable, readable, valuable and relevant. This isn’t about any sort of advanced knowledge, it is about the right knowledge and common sense–you don’t need any advanced degrees.

Making sure your site meets the requirements set forth by the Penguin updates is about triaging your site. To do this you first need to address those issues that are causing you the most damage. Don’t forget to take a closer look at those things that affect the processes you’ve got running. Make sure you look into your foundation problems before you do anything else. The reason for that is they tend to affect everything on up the chain.

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