5 Outstanding CPA Website Design Methods to Make Use of when Constructing a Squeeze Page

One of the secrets to establishing a flourishing on-line business such as an accounting firm with a super CPA Website Design is drawing in probable leads. The most persuasive method to achieve this is through a squeeze page. The purpose of the lead capture page is to capture a potential lead’s contact information such as email, name, or phone number when he or she visits your website. There is a trick to it though. The lead capture page must be formatted in such a way as to capture your visitor’s attention and get them to enter their information. With that in mind, here are the five key elements of a killer lead capture page for accounting firms with websites.

1. Use a Great Headline

A great headline is a powerful tool. It’s the first thing people read, so it’s got to be good enough to make the reader want to continue reading. the main reason to use headlines is to attract the reader’s attention quickly. If you don’t grab someone’s attention quickly they will move on to the next search result–and your competition.

2. Use Subheads

Put your subheadings underneath the headline. A subhead typically reads like a longer sentence and conveys more detail about the problem and the solution.

3. List the Benefits

Now that you’ve captured a visitor’s attention, you need to discuss the benefits of what you are offering. Potential clients don’t necessarily want to know why you think your service is great, they’re more interested in knowing how they can benefit from it. That’s just human nature. Give the potential lead a glimpse of what they’ll get if they sign up. Words like “Discover why… or “Learn the secret to… followed by a short bullet list are highly effective at capturing a potential lead’s interest.

4. Call to Action

The call to action is one of the most overlooked elements of a lead capture page. You’d be surprised at how many marketing specialists forget to ask prospects to take action, whether it’s clicking on a link or asking them to sign up for a newsletter. Your call to action should be a short summary–one sentence is fine–that sums up why your accounting firm has the best CPA website design on the web.

5. Opt in Email Forms

The last step is to make sure you include a clearly visible form for the potential lead to fill out. The best way to do this is use a plain form asking for a first name and email address. That is all that is needed. Anyhow, buy cialis online once you get hold of that data you are able to add it to your client list or email marketing listing and commence building your company, whether it’s a websites for accounting practices or any other on-line company.

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