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Have you ever before made use of the services of PayPal? (PayPal Inc. is of course the repayment arm of eBay Inc. but it has now changed into a common repayment solution for eCommerce in general.) By now many of us have made use of PayPal at least a couple of times if not lots of times. Do you remember the first time you made use of PayPal? Were you not hesitant at first if not at least a little cautious? I was. The entire process seemed a little questionable as far as I was concerned. I just wasn’t sure I could trust them– whoever “they” were. But these days I use Paypal regularly– without even any reservation. I don’t even have to think about it.

A Look At Critical Mass

Just think about this for a minute. PayPal’s cloud-based “Point Of Sale” application (a computerized “money sale”) needed to escalate through a series of phases – until it’s acceptance in the industry has now become essentially an inescapable conclusion. Payments specialist and President of Martaus & Associates, Paul Martaus states PayPal will have the opportunity to reach exactly what he calls critical mass.

“Critical mass in this context means there is adequate buzz, knowledge and awareness on the part of consumers that the technology has the opportunity to go from interest to adoption,” said Martaus, President of Martaus & Associates.”The test I’ve applied over 30 years of watching transaction-technology in this marketplace is the “better, faster, cheaper” test. If you have two of the three, if something provides the consumer with a better, quicker and/or less costly service, it is most likely to be adopted.” As quoted from The Green Sheet.

Consider SendoutCards, Critical Mass and Momentum.

SendOutCards is simply such a company– a company nearing momentum and right after– critical mass. And that’s a wave you won’t wish to miss.

Think about These Facts about Salt Lake City based, SendoutCards, LLC.

Send Out Cards is approximately 7 years old and has produced more than 150 million in income. Send Out Cards has over 100,000 business builders and over 300,000 clients. Momentum is just over the horizon. There are indicators and signals indicating the end of one stage of a network marketing company’s growth and the start of the next. No doubt, you can get in and get going at any stage of an internet marketing company’s growth curve and make significant cash but historically and mathematically there is no doubt that if you become a distributor with a successful Network Marketing Company before it hits critical mass, a fortune could very well be made.

Send Out Cards has already paid well over $60 million in profits to it’s suppliers, has been noted in as a fastest growing company, has been granted the Mail Innovation Award by the United States Postal Service and is their leading sender of First Class mail in the United States. Presently SendOutCards is running in 7 countries with plans to move into 132 countries within the following few years. Currently Send Out Cards mails cards and gifts to any location worldwide with an address. Send Out Cards is a solid company, has grown every year since it’s inception, is debt free, privately held, and a voluntary participant of the Direct Selling Association. In the following 3-5 years Send Out Cards will be a household name and in 5-7 yrs– a billion dollar company.

As Paul Martaus said, critical mass means there is adequate buzz, knowledge and awareness on the part of consumers that a modern technology goes from interest to adoption. When that occurred with PayPal, Netflix, Amazon and iTunes– the technological landscape was revamped. These businesses are game-changers. Wouldn’t you love to obtain just a little piece of the pie from those businesses? And exactly what these companies did to their respective niche, Send Out Cards is doing to the Greeting Card and Gifting Industry .

Better, Faster, Cheaper.

As Paul Martaus goes on to state, when a company is able to provide the consumer a better, quicker, less costly service, that service is extremely likely to go from consumer interest to consumer adoption– like PayPal. SendoutCards is poised to do the same. When it concerns the better, quicker, less costly test– SendoutCards passes no-problem!

1. Better– Complete customization develops a remarkable and sincere card with gifts added at the click of a button.
2. Faster– No more going out to the store. Your gift goes out by First Class mail the very following day.
3. Cheaper– Cards sent out at 1/3 the ordinary cost of a store bought card.

Gaining the benefits of being in with a company when it hits Critical Mass can have huge implications– huge monetary implications. However in order to enjoy Critical Mass it will take Critical Timing. It’s not tough. Just get in and get active with your selected company before it reaches critical mass. Your solo effort will be compounded when your company rides the crest of momentum and like a web surfer on a dream wave– you’re going to reach some astonishing heights.

Send Out Cards simply may be the company to get you there. We think it is but whether it is for you – that is for you to choose. It will take hard work but your little work will be compounded tremendously. When you are on board with the right company at the correct time the mathematics work a little differently. No longer are you dealing with addition, 10 + 5 =15, you are dealing with multiplication, 10 * 5 = 50. And I like those numbers a lot better!

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