Getting Outsourcing Managers To Run Your Business

When your internet marketing business reaches a certain size, it’s important to plug other team members like outsourcing managers in order to manage Melbourne search engine optimisation virtual assistants and be #1 on Google. I find the people who work with me in my office, typically speaking, first they’ll learn everything about the business or the area that they’ll be working on. So they’ll learn and understand the way that works. Once they learn and understand that, the next step is I teach them how to start outsourcing what it is that they’re doing. So that way, what they do is they take on almost more of an editorial role.

I have one team member now who is working with 2 people on Rent A Coder where she has now getting them, he used to be the one who was cutting these videos up. But now he has got someone else who is cutting these videos up for him, uploading them to YouTube and then he is doing more of the editorial role. What you want to try and do is, you think about what are these incessant tasks like manage outsourcing that I’m doing and where can you get them done for the lowest dollar an hour and making systems in place to be sure that those tasks can get done.

Where that Melbourne SEO company team member would formerly charge me at his hourly rate, we are now outsourcing that to two different assistants. free cialis We pay about $US7 to do a podcast interview, cut a video, put an intro on it, put an outro on it, write us an outline, upload it to YouTube and it’s $US7 per video. That’s alright, considering how much we were doing previously. Now if you think about scaling that out, now he does not even know what’s coming next. We’ll start to plug more folk underneath outsourcing managers and that is actually what the people at the office are all about. The people are about managing those outsourcing aides.

You’ve got to first understand that part of the internet marketing business. It’s very hard to try and teach someone to do something and know how to ask the right questions if you haven’t done it yourself. I’ve written my Ezine Articles, I’ve done my hard yards, I’ve posted in blog networks. I know all of these things inside and out because I’ve done it, so when it comes to the person who’s going to do it, I can say, here’s what needs to be done. Why is this taking you forty-five minutes, when it should take you fifteen minutes? We’ve had situations like that in the past with assistants who’ve been taking a lot longer. I say, it shouldn’t be taking that long. I think that’s the first stage.

If all this is new, first find out how you do this yourself, then go to Rent A Coder, begin to outsource some of those jobs and begin to build some of your team and get that team of outsourcing managers. Then after that, depending on where you are at, at that level, you could look at plugging a project chief into your business.

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