High Traffic Is For Talkers, High Website Conversion Is For The Walkers

You are seeing an increase in website traffic. Good for you. One minor question, are you getting any legitimate leads from your website? As in any business, you can market all you want, but if that marketing isn’t producing results than its most likely not worth the cost. Traffic and rankings are nice to talk about but your website conversion is where you’ll find the real results. How does traffic convert to a good lead?

Talk To Your Demographic: Know Your Audience

It’s easy. Are you talking to your audience? If your message is relatable to the user they will understand you better and will be more apt to act. In order for the prospect to act they need a good value proposition and a reason to act now, always include a call to action. Give your users a strong reason to act and then show them how to act. Take those prospects and turn them to leads!

It’s not hard keep it simple

Start from the beginning, think about your user when creating your design. Can they get around your website with ease? Will they get “lost” moving from one section to the other? Are you getting them through your site, and will the end result the generation of a lead? Website users are famous for short attention spans and it’s easy for them to leave your site. A website that’s easy to navigate and has content that leads a prospect to a conversion point will be the site that will enjoy increased website conversion rates and a higher quality lead.

Success Comes From Testing

Don’t let your site just sit there once it is live. Your website needs to be alive and needs to constantly grow as the world grows around it. Constantly make changes to your website, so that it reflects current events within your industry. Testing your site to see what works and what doesn’t, isn’t a bad thing, especially in key conversion points. Test all aspects of your site from graphics, content options, calls to action, layouts, forms and more. Find out what’s working and what’s not, what’s causing your users to act one way or another. In order for your site to be successful you need to test your options.

Put it Together to Convert and Earn

With everything working together, content, an easy to navigate design and you’ve tested, than the traffic will only be half of your success story. You’ll be enjoying the benefits of a website that that’s producing high website conversion rates, good qualified leads, and a much larger payday.

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