Internet Marketing for Accountants- Improving Your CPA Website with Online Video

Good for you on making the effort to get your accounting website in working order. Now you have to determine how to utilize it to earn more clients. To reap the benefits of the money you spent getting your website built you’ll want to try to attract new leads from time to time. An accounting website should really only cost your practice between $600 and $1200 per year so it’ll just need to entice two or three client to pay for itself. Even a substandard website can accomplish that, but if you make time to actually make it stand out it can perform seriously better than that.

This may not seem too hard at first but there are a number of problems you’ll have to confront. As you strategize you will probably see that your CPA website isn’t the only professional one working for new clients. Although it’s a good thing to be among accounting firms with appealing sites, it is critical that you find a way to stand apart.

Basically, you must have an attractive and useful website, or you just won’t get the clients you want. However, simply maintaining a website, unfortunately, isn’t enough by itself to get you where you want to be.

So, what does make the difference? The trick is, make yourself real.

And the best way to show them this is with a one-minute video.

Why Video Works

Video is simply the best way to reach out to new clients with your website. This is because clients want a personal connection to their service provider before making that initial call.

“Personal connection” doesn’t mean sharing intimate details about your personal life, or even demonstrating shared traits or interests with your prospects. It simply means the prospect needs a sense of who you are as a person – how you dress, what you look like, how much you smile, even how you decorate your office.

It may seem that a short video doesn’t give your clients enough time to get a sense of your personality. But humans have the ability to make snap judgments. In just a few seconds, we have a gut reaction that usually stands the test of time.

Video is so successful that a recent study showed it raises response rates by 4 to 7 times over landing pages with text and images alone (SearchEngineWatch, February 2010).

Don’t Be Too “Perfect”

Video is also effective because it allows your prospects to see what’s going on in your real-life office.

It makes people feel more connected to you if they know more about how your office runs and works. It actually makes them feel closer to their service professional. Prospects like to see the everyday things: talking on the phone, typing on the computer, chatting to your coworkers.

Don’t get me wrong: they don’t want to see you be unprofessional. But they also don’t want to just see you on your best behavior for the camera.

The best way to strike the right balance between professional and down-to-earth is to just talk on camera as you would to an acquaintance you really like. Assume you’ve already made a connection to the person watching the video, and act engaged and friendly. You could even place a picture of a friendly face somewhere off camera that you could look at to remind yourself to relax and be yourself.

The popularity of social media like Twitter and Facebook speaks to this need for folks to make emotional connections. These days, we’re over saturated with advertising and promotional messages. Facebook, Twitter, and video put the human touch back in to business – which is a big relief to consumers.

Don’t Delay When Establishing Trust

If you’re trying to get new clients every month to “pay for” your website, video is the best way to do this. It gets the job done quickly and with minimal effort.

A great side benefit of drawing in clients through video is that the folks who come to you this way already feel somewhat loyal to you. They’ve seen your video, they know what your office looks like and who works there – they may even recognize a staff member from around town. In other words, you don’t need to sell yourself nearly as hard. Your video has already done that, even before your clients have met you in person.

Getting All You Can Out of Your Accounting Website

You’ve taken the step to get a CPA website for your business. Now make it work for you! Think about adding a short video to your home page. A video enables your leads to trust you – and when they’re choosing between you and buy cialis online the accounting practice down the street that has no video, this makes all the difference.

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