Looking To Hire Freelancer Soon? Read These Tips

So many people at the end of out tasking say, they gave me a bad job. It was terrible, I didn’t get value for money. They missed the brief completely, they didn’t give me what I wanted. When I sit down and talk to them, nine times out of ten, their brief was bad. Their brief wasn’t detailed enough. They said, oh, I wanted this button buy cialis to look like this. Did you tell them that? Did you show them some examples? Oh, no, he should have known that, he’s a freelancer doing SEO services for clients. He should know what design looks like. Well, design can be anything really. There’s a huge range of what design could be. You want to be as specific as possible when you hire freelancer today.

The self selection technique is a good technique when it comes to hiring these freelancers today. All you need to do is to lead these online applicants to evaluate themselves as they apply for your post. This means identifying if their skills, values and motives match with what the company needs. There are hundreds of thousands of people on Elance and oDesk who might be interested to take the job so it is a must that you help them match their qualifications as soon as possible.

There are literally teams of people in India whose companies are built on Elance work. They have fulltime employees going out there and your job, Mr Employee, is to bid on Elance projects. That’s all they do all day is just cut and paste their standard template application form into your request, just to fundamentally spam Elance with hire freelance job applications.

What the SS method does is help you eliminate those people straight away. They have to self select to be chosen. So what you want to do, at the bottom of your job application is put three unique questions. They can be related to the job, they can be completely irrelevant. What did you have for breakfast? What’s your favourite movie? I do some weird things like that sometimes, I say at the end of my job description or job ad, what’s your favourite movie? That way, when you get fifty responses back, you just go through them, who answered the questions? Whoever didn’t answer the questions, delete, delete. It saves you five minutes reading the job ad.

In this stage, you are looking for serious players for your small business internet marketing project, and this simple task only proves that they did not thoroughly read the application form. You need to only hire freelancer and use people who are active and proactive in wanting your work. In addition, it shows you who really reads and follows instructions.

This will also test if they are going to be a responsive staff once they start working for you. Can they pay attention to your work ad, work brief and feedback properly? It is essential that you set a limit on the people that you will accommodate to continue their application. If you can put some barriers set up, to make them select themselves out, then your work as a hiring personnel will be less difficult.

A few of the online tools like Elance and oDesk allows you to include these unexpected questions at the bottom part of their online application form. Doing this every time you post a project will make them think, and in the process help them decide whether to continue with their application or not. So make them think it over and offer some value.

Another tip in presenting these questions is to let them showcase their skills and prior knowledge in relation to the job that they are applying for. Take note of these types of questions and make sure to include these types as you start hiring your staff online. This part of their application process will definitely bring out the best applicants, and will also save time and effort in selecting the best applicant soon.

It’s all about geo arbitrage. You might find that you can get a particular task done for $100. But it’s going to show you why someone is bidding you $500. It’s going to tell you what value they’re going to add. You can say, this person’s extra value and the thought they’ve put into this is worth the extra $200 I’m going to spend because I’m going to get better value at the end of the day.

So it’s really important to use this SS method to make people self select when your hire freelancer today. It makes it easy for you to choose them, it makes them stand out better and it makes your job a lot easier in getting value.

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