Mlm Income: 10 Secrets Every Business Opportunity Seeker Should Know:

The 10 Deadly Misconceptions of a Home business mlm income:

If you’re frustrated and confused, scared and unsure what to do next or If you’re “next”… just barely surviving trying to wait out the Big R —(Recession) if you are frantically seeking financial freedom but are hesitant about jumping on the first thing smoking, I’m certain you will agree that learning about the misconceptions of earning residual income working from home couldn’t hurt, Could it?

Deciding on a mlm business opportunity can be difficult, but vital since over 2.6 million jobs were lost in 2008 and an estimated 50 million world wide will be lost before the financial crisis is over.

According to the United States Department of Labor by the year 2025 up to two-thirds of all Americans could be working from home, including those high-paid professionals that are taking a brow beating working tirelessly 60 hours work weeks with increased stress.

This article will address the top 10 misconception about mlm income earning potential:

#1 Only people that are under educated or lazy look at network marketing opportunities as a alternative to traditional businesses.

That’s a complete fallacy. According to the Direct Selling Association over 65 percent of the direct marketers are college educated.

#2. It’s extremely expensive to start a direct marketing business. Some of your best mlm network marketing  businesses start under $1000.00… Many are under $500.00

#3. Home businesses are a drying breed. Actually, it’s the opposite, the direct marketing industry is a thriving business Paul Zane Pilzer the world’s leading Economist states that it’s the most efficient and profitable route for distribution in the new millennium.

#4 Do I have to quit my job?
“If you do you will be sorry”. That’s the attractive part about starting with a network marketing company you can start on a part-time spare time basis, 10-20 hours a week while maintaining your full-time employment while you learn the network marketing system.

#5 Will I make any money? 
A network marketing business is no different than a traditional business, when it comes to the statistics and income opportunity. price cialis The numbers are the same.

Learn of  Dr.Charles King’s opinion As He Defends His Views on  Network Marketing

More than 80% will fail within their first year, and another 40% of the 20% will fail within the next couple of years.  The numbers are the same the 80/20 rules still applies

#6 Do I have to sell to my friends?
You don’t have to But… Let me ask you a question… if you sold BMW’s and one of your friends only drives BMW’s would you encourage them to go to the guy down the street and purchase or would you expect them to come to you. What would you do? Business is business… mlm income is the very same as any other…

#7 Do I have to sell? Yep!  Chances are you sell for your job?.
More and more businesses are requiring their staff to sell- besides what business can you start without selling.

Even your Professional services are beginning to sell i.e…dentist, attorneys so if you have to sell anyway  why not get involved in a residual mlm income opportunity.

#8 But I don’t know the first thing about Business.
Great! That’s one of the beauties’ of mlm opportunities, there are mlm tools ,network marketing training, and a home based business system already in place to grow your mlm income.
The cost…Free…

#9 How do I find a legitimate business opportunity that’s not a mlm scam?

Check with your state Attorney General Office first, and remember if there’s no product or services being rendered it’s a scam.

In essence you can’t do nothing and make the mlm income we all read about… work is required.

#10 Can I file my  network marketing business expenses on my tax return. ..absolutely… If you are running a business for profit.  (always check with  your accountant) A home business is one of the most effective ways to save on your taxes.

Small business owners including home businesses have over 130 deductions that can be  legally taken.

If you’re trying to find ways to earn income by way of a legitimate homebased business like  thousands of others this may help: click on link below

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