MLM Lead Generation Explained: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know to Generate FREE MLM Leads

MLM lead generation is a hot topic, especially as the economy continues to struggle as more and more individuals turn to MLM, network marketing or direct sales organizations for income opportunities working from home.

Many top leaders and organization frown on the use of MLM lead generation systems, but let’s face the facts, the internet is here to stay and the internet is an incredible vehicle to generate an endless stream of FREE MLM leads.

I have two MLM lead generation systems that I use to create and endless stream of FREE MLM leads. My MLM lead generation systems both have tools that allow me to monitor my site stats and referrals. I can tell you that on an average day, each of my websites generates about 200-300 hits from the internet daily.

I do NOT get 200-300 leads or referrals daily, maybe 1-3 every other day, so please do not expect ANY lead generation system to generate 100-700 prospects daily, weekly or monthly. This will not happen unless you are able to pay out tens of thousands of dollars in advertising fees, regardless of the Guru’s or “Top Money Earners” state in their advertisements.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is simply a way to generate new leads for your business opportunity other than your friends and family (Commonly known as your warm market). An internet MLM lead generation system should NOT replace face to face meetings or presentations; buy cialis online rather compliment your existing warm market efforts.

Lead generation can be done in a multiple of ways, some free and some that requires that you pay for traffic to generate these leads by way of  pay per click campaigns (PPC), such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

A simple internet search will reveal thousands of ways to generate leads, the most common is “How to Generate Free MLM Leads”. These ads or splash pages for various lead generation methods; (nine out of ten) will have you spending thousands of dollars up front on PPC campaigns to generate traffic to a front loaded affiliate program to help you generate these FREE leads.

Let me tell you that, in this economy, I literally get a dozen calls per day from people that can’t even afford a simple $20.00 monthly fee to purchase a MLM lead generation system, let alone afford an expensive PPC campaign. Remember, people are joining your business opportunity because they need an additional income source, or at least want more control over their lives.

The philosophy here is that is you spend $5,000 on Google PPC ads and generate 100 leads over the next month; your prospects will hopefully spend enough money in a front loaded funded proposal system or join your business opportunity to cover these expenses.

Let me tell you that the average person is not qualified to set up, run and manage a successful PPC campaign. Chances are, and I am an internet marketing expert, and I own and manage hundreds of websites, you will come out on the short end.

The companies that are on the internet promising free leads are only doing so to sell you their marketing and affiliate programs.

How to “Really” Generate Free Leads

It is possible to generate true FREE MLM leads, however, just like your business opportunity, this method requires some work.

You CAN create an endless stream of FREE MLM leads by setting up and writing a blog such as Blogger or WordPress. Both of these great blogs are free and both have their pros and cons. I will not get into all that here as this is about generating FREE MLM leads.

Article submissions are another excellent way to generate FREE MLM leads. This is accomplished by writing keyword rich articles and submitting them to articles submission and ezine directories.

Another hot trend for generating FREE MLM leads is through video submissions. YouTube reports hundreds of millions of video views per day….yes, that’s hundreds of millions of viewers per day!

There are many free or low cost slide share and video marketing systems available. But you can make a free video and upload it to YouTube and dozens of other high traffic video sharing websites with basic equipment you may already have.

The important part of generating FREE MLM leads through blogging, article and video submission is to have the ability to direct this traffic to a lead capture page that will capture contact information and add this information to an email auto responder system to keep your prospects attention until you have time to follow up with them.

The truth of the matter is that most of you will have full time jobs while you are getting started in your business opportunity, so you may not have the ability to follow up with your prospects right away. Having a professionally designed lead capture page with an automated email responder system is vital in ANY marketing effort.

Let’s reap so far: It is possible to generate an endless stream of leads for ANY business opportunity (MLM leads), by creating a blog and utilizing article and video submissions and having this traffic directed, not to your main company replicated website, but to lead capture system with an email auto responder.

What MLM Lead Generation Should You Use?

There are just as many MLM lead generation systems on the market as there are sites that promise a FREE endless stream of MLM leads, so tread carefully.

As I mentioned earlier, I use 2 MLM lead generation systems, one that is “branded” specifically for my primary business opportunity and a second, 100% generic marketing system that allows me to brand myself first and my opportunity second.

My primary company branded system includes over 9 different professionally designed lead capture pages, contact manager, email auto responder system and main tour pages included.

My primary business opportunity is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing and my company branded lead generation system is Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is an excellent home based business opportunity. Take a few minutes and compare this professionally designed MLM lead generation system to any other you find available.

My second MLM lead generation system is developed by the same company, but again is 100% generic and allows me to brand myself as an expert in my primary business opportunity and market additional marketing funnels (funded proposal) if I so choose.

Funded proposal systems are good at creating multiple streams of income if they are your own affiliate programs and NOT that of the systems developer who is taking a cut of your commissions and also has access to your hard earned leads.

MyiSystem is my second that I use in conjunction with my primary company brand MLM lead generation system. I choose to use both as it permits me to generate leads across multiple channels.

The MyiSystem incorporate all the tools mentioned above to help to generate an endless stream of FREE MLM leads. The MyiSystem has a built in article section to write and post articles right on your MyiSystem landing pages, has over a dozen flash and static lead capture pages, 9 video capture pages, contact manager and professional designed email auto responder with pre-built, proven high converting follow up email messages.

Similar MLM lead generation systems cost up to $400.00 upfront, plus requires a monthly hosting and Aweber auto responder system costing you extra in monthly fees.

My primary company branded marketing system costs just $19.95 per month and my secondary generic MLM lead generation system is less than $27.00 per month.

In Conclusion: You CAN generate an endless stream of FREE MLM leads through creating a blog, article and video submissions, however; you need to spend money on a professionally designed MLM lead generation system. It is possible to get your MLM lead generation system for FREE through referrals.

My (MyHomeFortune.Com) for Fortune Hi Tech Marketing has a “refer 5 and get your system for FREE” option and the MyiSystem has a “refer 3 and get it for FREE” option.

I already have both MLM lead generation system for FREE as I have referred hundreds of people to these incredible MLM lead generation systems, so I do not need any additional referrals to get my systems for FREE.

Any serious MLM lead generation campaign will cost you some up front money, but if you follow my instructions, you can truly create an endless stream of FREE MLM leads for ANY business opportunity at a minimal expense.

So, take some time and review both, my company branded lead generation system and my and compare them to ANY other MLM lead generation system that promises you an ENDLESS STREAM OF FREE MLM LEADS.

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