Use This Real Estate Marketing Plugin to Increase Leads And Social Sharing

Quite a few agents as well as brokers have been benefiting from using Facebook “squeeze” offers to get visitors to like their pages prior to receiving a free product. This real estate marketing tool can be a powerful way to increase social coverage, credibility, and also possibilities for upcoming business opportunities as well.

Recently, we found an excellent plugin which you can now utilize for your WordPress real estate blogs that provides comparable functionality. This is referred to as the “Like Gate,” and can be used to hide content on your blog pages or posts until an individual “likes” your site content.

Obviously, it is very important that you supply your audience with intrinsic value by giving a hook which trades excellent content for a social share. Actually, this is actually the only approach that you will be able to build up your Facebook page’s reputation and trust amongst your customers.

Top Benefits of Utilizing the Facebook Like Gate for Real Estate Marketing

1. It provides free advertising as well as improved social coverage. Instead of just building traffic using Facebook advertisements, you will be able to extend your influence by showing up on others’ news feeds. As a result, you can be increasing your group of fans and possibly getting other customers which you otherwise could not reach.

2. Additionally, utilizing this plugin will permit you to analyze multiple offers as well. There are various ways for you to split test ideas by utilizing this plugin on various blog pages and posts for instance, and then discovering what sort of free content draws in the most business. Now you’ve got invaluable information that may be transferred over to your other lead capture pages to utilize together with any type of paid ad campaigns.

3. Next, this real estate marketing plugin may be used to provide extra nested offers within your article or even lead capture pages. For example, consider using the Like Gate in combination with your lead capture forms to help you capture likes for your Facebook page in addition to your standard e-mail opt ins.

What Deals Can be Hidden Behind Your Like Gate?

  • List of the top foreclosure homes in your own area
  • List of handy resources and books for prospects to read
  • Free report on fixing credit, first time house buyers or perhaps investing in foreclosures

And the list continues. Hopefully this can help explain the advantages as well as probable ways that you can start employing this effective application for your own business. For various other imaginative marketing ideas to enhance coverage and revenue for your own business, visit us right now at Real estate marketing 411.

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