Utilize First-Rate Accounting Websites to Keep More Customers

These days you no doubt already have a dependable website. You may have paid a master design company to create your site. But did they top out your site’s client retention possibilities? When designing your accountancy site it’s pertinent to examine what type of features you can supply that will interest your current clients.

Did you consider putting a “Secure File Transfer” instrument on your site? This feature allows your firm’s clients to upload essential records like Quickbooks files or tax records to a dependable virtual “safe deposit box”. This proves particularly useful in tax time. Even the least organized customer can punctually get you their missing forms and documents. No more expensive overnight deliveries!

Online tax checklists add another capability that clients love. Most accounting website providers offer downloadable tax organizers, but the cutting-edge is a tax organizer that can actually be filled out online. These secure forms can be filled out from anyplace with an internet connection and include a save function so they can be completed at the client’s leisure .

Your most valuable clients are business owners. A favorite feature amongst business owners is online payroll. Your clients will love the ease and convenience of online payroll processing, and there are many companies that will happily do all the work for you making it easy for even the smallest firms and solo professionals to offer this valuable service. These elite clients will also really appreciate an online library of relevant tax forms that they can print out as needed. The IRS offers all their forms and periodicals as downloadable PDFs so it’s a simple matter to include links to these resources. All you need to do is organize them in such a way that your clients won’t have trouble finding what they need.

How about an automated form that helps your clients track their refunds? Not only will your clients love being able to track the status of their refund any time they want, your staff will be able to spend a lot less time on the phone answering this common concern.

These features, and others like them, are not a replacement for excellent service, but they certainly make it easier to provide it. Mix this new online toolbox with your company’s typical attentiveness and accuracy, and you’re sure to win even greater customer loyalty.

When your clients love your services, they’ll help you attract new customers. CPA websites need a “Testimonials” page. It’s not hard to do, and exceedingly good at marketing your company. Your loyal customers will be glad to help out by providing opinions for this page, and superior testimonials are an extremely powerful marketing tool. Testimonials carry much more punch than any marketing ad copy you could ever use so there’s really no stronger manner to imbue legitimacy to CPA websites than by welcoming your satisfied clients to gush about you.

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