What You Should Know About Virtual Assistant Job Description Today

vWorker is a good site to go to when it comes to hiring skilled people online for your small business internet marketing website. It was once called Rent A Coder, so lots of people utilized to shy away from it. You will surely get value fo your money when you use these sites to get things done for your business. You are able to still get lots of skilled when you start recruiting staff using specific virtual assistant job description. They will do anything from writing articles and creating the needed graphics for your website. That’s usually where I begin to find these talented individuals to build up my virtual bench.

An important aspect of out tasking is writing a proper job spec. Most people are aware of the resources for out tasking, so the biggest issue people face is writing the job spec and getting quality people and picking quality people. I have refined a process for this that seems to be working very well for me now.

It’s basically a five step process. Most people once they write a job description go on there and say, hey, I would like some articles written about motor mechanics. They need to be about five hundred words long, please bid. That’s it, very bland, not very specific. This implies more hours for you as you pick the successful worker plus the additional time to select who’s who since it is very broad. Let’s go through these one by one.

The first thing to do is to define a goal and set some context for that person that you want to hire for the post. Write the clear objective in hiring someone to do thes jobs for you. For example, I’d like a web site which will encourage people to enter their email address on my optin list. I’d like some articles that will entice visitors to click other articles on the same page. I’d like some articles for pure SEO reasons. No one is going to read them, they’re just going to be published to acquire back links. I want a graphic artist to design a company card that will be distributed in networking events. Refine your copy before posting these to outsourcing websites. That way people can determine what you’re attempting to achieve, not merely what you need them to do.

Make sure to give people a concept of what you’re trying to achieve to allow them to offer value. You’re wanting to out task to freelancers with relevant SEO services experience. Should you give them some context and you’ve picked the best person, they are going to add value in the long run as they give few recommendations simply because they already understand what you are trying to achieve. This way you’re going to get some value away from these freelancers with their specific skill sets and experience.

The virtual assistant job description, pretty self explanatory I think what a job description is, it’s describing what you want the person to do. I want seven five hundred word articles about this particular thing. I want a website that does this, this, this and has this page, that page, whatever it might be.

If you’re having someone to write some articles that are going to link back to your site, let them know what website this article is related with. Give them some links to some training materials or other references, anything that you can do to help them get this job done well.

Always assume that they need these reference materials to complete these tasks for your business. The biggest mistake of other virtual employers is to assume that these guys can read your mind all the time. Provide types of similar work which you like them to do. Don’t just say I want a company card design or I want an internet site design that has a nice pretty banner at the top, with two column navigation, and a drop down menu. Spend more time in providing exact instructions as you assign tasks for them to complete and notice the quality of job done afterwards.

The examples and references can take many forms. They might be some video recordings of grabbing some screen capture software and going around the web for five minutes. Open up ten tabs in Firefox browser or Chrome or whatever it might be and say, price cialis I like this website and this element here. Give them some visual guides of what you like. It makes a huge difference to the result you get back. The better brief you give means a better result. The more specific you are, the better will be the result, just like what you do when you have to write your first virtual assistant job description for your online businesss today.

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