Why Enrolling In Community Forums Could Be A Customer Resource

Check the Rules

It’s essential that you check the rules of discussion boards. Forums are online communities and a lot of communities have rules and generally the guidelines allows certain matters and disallow other things. If you want to get kicked from a discussion forum just simply blunder in that room and begin posting away. It’s a sure fire way to have yourself some negative attention.

Clear Intention

Have a truly clear intent. Why will you be joining the discussion board? For most people it is to hang out with a light minded group. For us as marketers we view it as a traffic prospect so if you’re tactical, if you are intending to build backlinks or to develop your client list, you’ve got to get a strategy.

Here are some strategy suggestions from James Schramko

A real identity will build you a lot more authority and trust in the community.

So when I use my real name online I’ve been very careful what I publish under my name but it’s extremely interesting. People can see your identity, they recognize who you are. I have been part of forums from 2005 and you can see here a couple of discussion boards that I have registered with in 2006, 2007 and 2008. And when you accumulate all the posts, I’m guessing I’ve published probably about 15,000 posts in different forums during the last 5 years. It would be an understatement to say I’ve produced a 100,000 from that and I will show you why.

Be sure to work with an interesting image.

In discussion boards folks keep seeing your image each time you do a post so you want to put a picture that can help people identify you and get to know you since it’s much like the Gravatars we included on blogs and your Facebook, those same things enter into effect on forums.

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