Writing Job Advertisements For Virtual Businesses

Expect a lot of people to immediately bid on your posted job ad if the details are really enticing for virtual workers. That is why writing job advertisements is crucial in this stage of finding your staff. Even if you notice that a lot of people bid on these jobs right away, make sure not to hire the first person who comes through. Beware of systems out there that allows them to bid on every job that is posted online. This will help you get rid of those who are just there to bid on jobs even if their skills do not meet your standards.

The second thing is make sure that you put as much detail in as you can. Usually when I first post the job I’m a little bit broader and a little bit more general. When it comes to selecting the person and then working with the person, the more detail that you can give them, the quicker, the cheaper, the better quality, it will be. The more detail you give when you’re working with virtual assistants just will give you a hundred times better result.

There are a couple of other things I do when I’m putting my SEO services jobs on vWorker. I always start writing job ads with the same thing. When you open it up I open with the same sentence and that sentence is: ‘Here is an easy job for someone who knows what they’re doing.’ Just think about the context or what you’re pre framing the person who’s reading that job ad to think. If they say, oh, this is a very hard job, then it’s like they’re saying they’re not very good at it. So it’s not an easy job for them because they’re not the right person. They’re not very good at it.

Typically by putting that sentence in as well, you’ll get more competitive rates. It stops people saying when they post a bid, oh, that’s a very hard job. I’m going to have to jack the price up. So it really is a good pre frame when writing job advertisements for online applicants.

The other thing I like to put in the ad, think in terms of the person who is bidding on the job. Get in their mind frame. What is it, do you think, that someone who is doing out tasking jobs is looking for? For them, they want some stability. As an out tasker, you’ve constantly got to win new jobs every week to make sure that you make enough money to pay your rent. What I like to add at the bottom of the job ad is P.S. This is a trial for ongoing work. I have regular work. If you perform, you’ll come on as part of my virtual bench and I’ll give you consistent work.

So that way, you’re attracting a higher quality individual to work for you. I would like for it to be considered as a bit more competitive since they are going to get ongoing work. Often I’ll let them know, go take a look at my feedback on my vWorker account and they’ll see. In vWorker I pay many people with some bonuses for their performance and because that’s what I do for ongoing work. I don’t relist the job, I’ll speak with them once I’ve developed a rapport with them, and just pay them back as a bonus for a job well done. That’s really appealing to someone looking to do out tasking work.

If there might be some sort of intellectual property component of a project that you’re a bit scared about listing in detail, I do a couple of things. You might keep it a bit broader. You might say, look, I want two or three people to bid on this broader context of what I want. I’m going to pick the top three. Pick the top three, get them to sign an NDA, a non disclosure agreement and then we’ll refine the bids after that. In that process you can interview people. With most of the software, you can have your fifty people who have bid on the job and then interview sale cialis three people. Before you go down that process, get them to sign some NDAs.

In my experience of writing job advertisements, if you’re doing something that is seriously private and seriously needs some high level NDA, non disclosure agreements in place, I wouldn’t be going to India or the Philippines for a start. I’d be looking at someone locally to work on my small business internet marketing project. You’re going to pay a premium, but you’re going to have a lot more control. Hopefully, if it’s that valuable to you, you can pay the extra $2000 today if you’re going to make it on the back end. If you’re doing something in this way, it shouldn’t be that private.

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